Yangzhou Fongming Cable: Wire and cable testing and product material standards

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1. Classification of test types

(1) Type test (symbol T): According to general commercial principles, a test of a type of cable specified in the standard before delivery to prove that the cable has good performance and can meet the specified use requirements. The essence of type testing is that once these tests are carried out, there is no need to repeat them. If changing the cable material or design will affect the performance of the cable, it must be repeated.

(2) Sampling test (symbol S): Perform a test on the finished cable sample or the original part taken from the finished cable to prove that the finished cable product meets the design specifications.

(3) Routine test (symbol R): Refers to the test that must be carried out before the finished cable leaves the factory. Should be 100% done.

2. Inspection in the production process can be divided into

(1) Raw material inspection: also called incoming inspection, it is the inspection of the raw materials used in wires and cables to confirm whether the raw materials meet the standard requirements.

(2) Semi-finished product inspection: Inspection during the production process to confirm whether the semi-finished product produced meets the requirements (mainly based on the requirements of the enterprise).

(3) Finished product inspection: It is also called factory inspection or sampling inspection to confirm whether the factory products meet the requirements of the standard.

(1) General requirements: general requirements-scope, reference standards, definitions-insulation and sheath material definitions, test method definitions, rated voltage definitions, marking requirements, insulated core identification requirements, general requirements for cable structure: requirements for conductor materials, conductors Structural requirements, conductor performance requirements, insulation material requirements, insulation structure and performance requirements, sheath materials, structure, performance requirements, and finished cable dimensions and performance requirements, etc.

(2) Test method: the test method listed in the product or the test method listed in the test item not listed in the general test method.

(3) Product specific requirements: name, model, rated voltage, structure: conductor cross-section range, various conductor types, insulation material types, insulation thickness, sheath thickness, upper and lower limits of average outer diameter, insulation resistance and other requirements. Give the test items, frequency and methods of the product.

(4) Reference standards; supplementary standards for product standards

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