Yangzhou Fongming Cable: What is the flame retardant test of high temperature resistant cables?

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Regarding the flame retardant grade of the wire, according to the American UL standard, it is divided into VW-1 (vertical burning) and Horizontal Flame (horizontal burning);

According to the Canadian CSA standard, it is divided into FT-1 (vertical combustion) and FT-2 (horizontal combustion).

Currently, the upper limit of temperature that UL can certify is 550°C, and there are only 8 manufacturers of high temperature resistant wires that can meet this temperature value quality. Only Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory in China has reached this quality requirement. All the mica fiberglass braided wires produced by Fongming can meet VW-1 and FT-1 standards.

Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory, 550C flame retardant high temperature wire manufacturer by your side.

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