Yangzhou Fongming Cable: What is ETFE wire?

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ETFE insulated wire has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, as well as heat and chemical resistance. They are suitable for wiring in electronic devices that tend to accumulate and retain heat, as well as in environments where they will be exposed to oils or chemicals, such as applications in chemical plants or industrial robots.


Maximum continuous use temperature: 150ºC

Low relative permittivity and excellent electrical properties.

The insulating material has approximately twice the tensile strength of FEP and has excellent mechanical strength.

Excellent oil, cold and chemical resistance, and also flame retardant.


Internal wiring of electronic equipment, information equipment, etc.

Lead wires for small coils, relays, etc.

Wiring of movable parts subject to bending or bending

At present, we have gained 19 UL certification numbers for the ETFE line , which are: UL1508, UL1513, UL1517, UL1523, UL1610, UL1643, UL1644, UL1671, UL1814, UL10086, UL10109, UL10125, UL10126, UL10412, UL10129 UL1880, UL11341, UL21877 and UL20326.

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