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The function of the thermocouple compensation wire is to extend the temperature measurement system formed by connecting the hot electrode, that is, the cold end of the mobile thermocouple and the display instrument. Thermocouple compensation wires are generally used on thermocouples, and the insulating layer and sheath of thermocouple compensation wires are made of different materials according to the requirements of the environment. The sheath materials include polyvinyl chloride, fluoroplastic, low smoke and low halogen There are several kinds of vinyl chloride and alkali-free glass fiber. The imported high-quality fluoroplastic can withstand temperature up to 260°C, and adopts a new overall continuous extrusion process, so that the product has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance and non-combustibility. Submerged in oil and water for long-term use. The temperature of the thermocouple compensation wire can be -60-260°C, which belongs to the contemporary international advanced level. The series of products are mainly used in various temperature measuring devices. The types of thermocouple compensation wires are divided into SC, KC, KX, EX, J×, TX, NC according to the variety of products. Use characteristics of thermocouple compensation wire products: The compensation wire can work in the environment of -60 ~ 260 ° C, and is an ideal automation unit. It has been widely used in single-point or multi-point connection of automatic temperature measuring instruments in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other departments.

1. The maximum working temperature of the conductor: heat-resistant grade: polyperfluoroethylene propylene (F46) 200 ° C

Soluble PTFE 260°C

Silicone rubber 180℃

Ordinary grade: PVC 70°C and 105°C, XLPE 90°°C

Low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant polyolefin at 70°C, cross-linked type at 90°C and 125°C

2. Low ambient temperature: PVC sheath: fixed laying -4o℃, non-fixed laying -15℃

Fluoroplastic insulation and sheath: fixed installation -60°C, non-fixed installation -20°C

3. The allowable bending radius of the cable: the minimum of the unarmored cable is 6 times the outer diameter

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