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The robot cable refers to the robot body, power supply, signal, control and surrounding wires of the robot. Robot cables are mainly used in robot automation systems and industrial equipment, automobile production lines, logistics handling equipment, spraying equipment, robot arms and other moving parts that require high bending resistance, torsion resistance, sliding resistance, and automated machine tools. .

Thanks to the development of science and technology, and also the demand of the industrial production market, industrial robots have gradually developed from a single to a complex and multi-functional direction. At present, it has become a trend for machines to replace labor, and industrial robots will flourish. As an important part of the robot, the market demand for wire and cable shows explosive growth. As a carrier and important component for transmitting power and control capabilities, robot cables are particularly important for robots. The robot cable is similar to the human central system. If any link fails, the entire system cannot function normally. Due to the often harsh environment of use, robot cables must have unique structures and properties.

1. Requirements for robot cables

1. Strong signal capability

The work of the robot is mainly based on the instructions issued by the computer. However, how the computer signal can be transmitted to the robot mainly relies on the cable. If the quality of the cable is good, the signal transmission time is short and very accurate, but if the quality of the cable used is not good, it will definitely affect the signal transmission, and the robot will not be able to work immediately and execute commands.

2. Good wear resistance

Good wear resistance is a requirement that robot cables must meet, because cables will be damaged after long-term use. If the wear resistance of the cable is not good, it will definitely affect the internal stranded wire, so that the robot cannot be used normally, and it will also cause safety hazards. Therefore, the selected robot cable must have good wear resistance.

3. Long service life

Robot cables have a long service life. Only cables with a long service life can save resources and improve work efficiency. If a company needs a robot cable, it is key to choose a cable with a long service life so that it can meet the needs of use.

If the robot cable can meet the above three requirements, then such cable must be suitable for robot use. However, if the cable cannot meet the above requirements, it must not meet the needs of the robot. If you use inferior cables, it will not only affect the use of the robot, but also cause damage to the robot, making it unable to play its role.

What can be foreseen in the future is that with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, there will be more meaningful exchanges with robots, and the most important thing is that there will be more automated integration between robot systems.

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