Yangzhou Fongming Cable: The extension application of thermocouple compensation wire

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1. Why use compensation wire?

Because when using a thermocouple to measure temperature, the temperature of the reference end of the thermocouple must be kept constant, otherwise the measurement error introduced during temperature measurement will be a large variable, which will affect the accuracy of temperature measurement. However, in field use, the reference end of the thermocouple is often near the high temperature heat source, and the reference end of the thermocouple cannot be stabilized due to the influence of the heat source. Therefore, the reference end of the thermocouple must be moved to a place with a relatively stable temperature; the compensation wire is the same as that of the thermocouple. The metal material, or the thermoelectric characteristics (thermoelectric power) in the specified temperature range (generally 0 ~ 100 ℃) are the same as the thermocouple connected, and it is made of easily available cheap metal materials, which can be extended in temperature measurement. The role of the thermocouple or as the connection wire between the thermocouple and the instrument (such as an electronic potentiometer). Therefore, the thermocouple should be connected to the compensation wire when it is used. However, it cannot eliminate the influence of the reference junction temperature not being zero, so the reference junction temperature should be corrected to 0°C in use.

2. When to use the extended or compensated compensation wire:

1. Extension type: When the environment where the cold end of the compensation wire is located is greater than 100 degrees or less than 0 degrees, in order to measure the accuracy, only the extension type compensation wire is used, but the price is more expensive.

2. Compensation type: economical and cheap, but the temperature of the cold end must be in a relatively stable place.

3. The characteristics that the compensation wire must have:

1. Stable thermoelectric characteristics, good electrical insulation performance and long service life.

2. Soft, good bending performance and easy to use.

3. The coating material is stable and reliable, with certain temperature resistance and cold resistance.

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