Yangzhou Fongming Cable: PVC wire VS high temperature silicone wire

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The main features of the high temperature wire are high temperature resistance, insulation, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, high strength and high modulus, anti-static and smooth appearance. There are many kinds of them, commonly used are fluorine plastic insulated high temperature wire, silicone rubber insulated high temperature wire, high temperature electronic wire, silicone rubber insulated braided wire, multi-core high temperature cable, mineral insulated fire-resistant cable. Silicone rubber high voltage wire, Teflon high voltage wire and Teflon wire, nylon sheathed wire, mica high temperature wire.

The quality of the silicone wire can be shown at a glance from the appearance of the wire and cable. The appearance requirements of the silicone sheathed cable are smooth, round and uniform gloss, no visible debris, no mechanical damage, no flattening, no eccentricity (not exceeding the specified deviation), bubble trachoma, slub shape and twist shape. and obvious particles, etc. It can be seen that the thickness of the sheath has a certain influence on the quality of the silicone wire and cable. And the thickness of the sheath is lower than the standard requirements, of course, it is unqualified, and the thickness exceeds the standard requirements, it is also unqualified.

PVC wire generally has a temperature resistance range of -15 ℃ - 80 ℃, while silicone wire can reach a temperature range of -60 ℃ - 200 ℃, PVC wire has a short service life, generally about two years, poor flexibility, anti-aging Weak performance, easy to crack when exposed to sunlight, suitable for use in indoor lamps and home appliances, PVC wire itself is relatively hard, smooth surface, high brightness, PVC wire of the same specification is much lower in cost than silicone wire, and its compressive strength is higher than The silicone wire is low, and the bending recovery ability of the PVC wire is poor. Once it is bent and folded, it is difficult to restore the original appearance. The silicone wire also has shortcomings, such as poor tear resistance of the sheath and high manufacturing cost.

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