Yangzhou Fongming Cable:Mica tape wrapping requirements for fire-resistant cables

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1. The number of wrapping layers is generally 50% wrapping for two layers or 5% wrapping for four layers.

2. Choose the correct refractory mica tape and analyze the combustion performance. There are several models as follows. The double-sided synthetic mica tape has the best fire resistance (refractory temperature 1000). It is recommended to use single-sided synthetic mica tape for key projects. The fire resistance is better (refractory temperature 1000). For general projects, it is recommended to use single-sided phlogopite tape with slightly better fire resistance (refractory temperature 800).

3. The wrapping process is also very important, you must be very careful and operate carefully. The production of fire-resistant wire and cable itself is not complicated, but it is not easy to produce fully qualified products.In addition to choosing mica tape, cable manufacturers must control their own wrapping production.

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