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An important element of refractory mica wire - the composition of refractory mica tape

As is well known, the mica tape used as an electrical insulating material is composed of three parts: mica paper, reinforcing material and adhesive.

The raw materials for making mica are natural mica and synthetic mica. There are many kinds of natural mica. As electrical insulating materials, there are mainly two kinds of muscovite mica and phlogopite mica. At present, the only synthetic mica with practical value is fluorphlogopite. Shown is a comparison of the properties of these three types of mica,

The electrical properties of muscovite at room temperature are better than those of phlogopite and fluorophlogopite, but at high temperature, its insulating properties drop sharply. Therefore, the refractory mica tape is different from the general electrical insulating mica tape. In our country, phlogopite or fluorphlogopite with better shochu fire performance is often used.

The choice of adhesive is very important. As an adhesive for refractory mica tape. Except for the requirement of strong adhesive force and softness, it is not sticky at room temperature. Our country has made remarkable achievements in the development and production of refractory synthetic mica tapes. Because of its superior refractory properties than muscovite and phlogopite, it is more and more popular in the cable industry. Famous foreign manufacturers currently do not have such products - no ability to compete with my country. This product has begun to enter the international market and has achieved good economic benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to increase publicity efforts and vigorously promote the application.

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