Yangzhou Fongming Cable:Importance of fluoroplastic raw materials in wire and cable industry

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In our cable industry, these materials are collectively referred to as Teflon materials or FEP materials. These materials are mainly used to manufacture all kinds of heat-resistant and high-temperature insulated wires, survey (oil) well cables, geological exploration cables, heating cables, F-class and H-class motor leads, radiation resistant wires, electromagnetic wires, RF coaxial cables, etc. the varieties of fluoroplastics are gradually increasing and the scope of application is expanding, Because the molecular structure of fluoroplastics contains fluorine atoms, it has many excellent properties, such as excellent electrical insulation, high heat resistance, outstanding oil resistance, solvent resistance and wear resistance, good moisture resistance and low temperature resistance. Therefore, fluoroplastics play an important role in national defense, electromechanical, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industrial sectors.

1. Thermal performance

Fluoroplastics have flame resistance and excellent heat resistance. The continuous service temperature of PTFE and PFA can reach 260 ℃ and can be used at 300 ℃ in a short time. The service temperature of FEP is 60 ℃ lower than them. PCTFE is high and can be used at 120 ℃. If fluoroplastics are used at high temperature for a long time, it will cause changes in crystallinity, especially when manufacturing equipment lining

2. Drug resistance

Fluoroplastics have excellent drug resistance and solvent resistance, especially PTFE, PFA and FEP, which are not etched by acid, alkali and solvent. However, molten alkali metals, fluorine and trifluorochlorinated hydrocarbons have different effects on them. The drug resistance of PCTFE, ETFE and PVDF in fluoroplastics is slightly poor, but the corrosion resistance is much better than that of other plastics

3. Electrical performance

The electrical properties of fluoroplastics, especially high-frequency electrical properties, are unmatched by other materials. PTFE, FEP and PFA molecules have low polarity, little change in a wide temperature and frequency range, stable relative dielectric constant, low dielectric loss and excellent electrical insulation. PVDF has special piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, which can be used to make piezoelectric materials

4. Mechanical properties

With the increase of hydrogen and chlorine atoms in fluoroplastics molecules, their tensile strength is also improved. The embrittlement temperature of PTFE and PCTFE is very low, showing excellent low-temperature performance. PTFE has low friction coefficient and specific self-lubricating property, but PTFE has its own disadvantages such as large wear and cold fluidity. Various fillers can be filled to improve wear resistance and overcome cold fluidity

5. Non stick

Fluoroplastics have special non stickiness. In particular, the fluorine content in molecules such as PTPE, FEP and PFA is high, and the surface contact angle is very large, which makes the liquid on the surface of fluoroplastic products spherical. It is not easy to bond with resin, so it is often used to make non stick coating on the surface of cookware

6. Weather resistance

All kinds of fluoroplastics have excellent weather resistance. Even if they are exposed to harsh temperatures for a long time, their properties do not change

7. Hydrophobicity

Fluoroplastics have low water absorption, especially PTFE. Its hydrophobicity can be used to make breathable and impermeable composite fabrics and other equipment.

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