Yangzhou Fongming Cable: How much do you know about the role of shielded wires?

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The function of the shielded wire is to isolate the electromagnetic field noise source from the sensitive equipment and cut off the propagation path of the noise source. Shielding is divided into active shielding and passive shielding. The purpose of active shielding is to prevent the noise source from radiating outward, which is the shielding of the noise source; the purpose of passive shielding is to prevent the sensitive equipment from being interfered by the noise source, which is the shielding of the sensitive equipment.

The shielding layer of the shielded cable is mainly made of non-magnetic materials such as copper and aluminum, and the thickness is very thin, which is much smaller than the skin depth of the metal material at the frequency of use. The effect of the shielding layer is not mainly due to the reflection of the electric field and magnetic field by the metal body itself. , absorption, but due to the grounding of the shielding layer. Different grounding forms will directly affect the shielding effect. The grounding methods of the electric field and magnetic field shielding layers are different. Ungrounded, single-ended or double-ended

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