Yangzhou Fongming Cable: How is the high temperature resistant braided wire made?

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Braiding is the use of braiding machine to twist the fiber material into wires or metal wires to interweave with each other and cover the surface of the wire and cable to become a tight protective layer (shielding layer)

The metal braid mainly includes copper wire braid and steel wire (iron wire) braid.

1. The main function of copper wire braid:

(1) Shielding effect against electromagnetic interference.

(2) Eliminate the shielding effect of the surface potential of the cable. It acts as an overall shield for restraining power lines and eliminating induced electricity, such as high-voltage cables.

(3) The shielding effect of security protection. The 241 with more gold in the heart of the king wire is in good contact with the ground wire core or used as a ground wire, which can respond to the leakage situation in time conditions, such as shielded mining cables.

2. The main functions of fiber and steel wire weaving are:

(1)Mechanical protection.

(2)To bear the longitudinal breaking force.

(3)Magnetic field shielding.

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