Yangzhou Fongming Cable: Have you learned the conditions for storing high temperature lines

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The high temperature resistant wires are usually made of solid or stranded nickel plated copper wire or pure nickel. It is mainly composed of conductor, insulating layer and jacket. The insulator could be mica or fiberglass. When using the high-temperature line, we must pay attention to its storage. Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory has experience in storing high temperature wires, let's take a look.

High temperature wires should be keep away from moisture. Once get moisturised, it is difficult to dry. Even if the water is dried, it will have an adverse impact on the high-temperature wires and pose a potential safety hazard.

So how to prevent water from entering the high-temperature wire?

1. Do a good job in sealing, saw off the cable end, and select the special sealing sleeve for the cable to prevent moisture.

2. After the laying of high-temperature wires, the cable head shall be made in time to prevent water from entering the terminal.

3. Strengthen the processing of cable head manufacturing process. Once the cable enters the water, the wire head is well made, which can prolong the service life of the whole cable.

4. Select the branch box for storage, store the high-temperature wires in sections, and do not spread to other sections.

Then let's take a look at how to properly deposit the high-temperature line:

1. It is forbidden to contact acid, alkali and mineral oil, and store them separately from these corrosive substances;

2. When storing high-temperature wires, they should be rolled regularly. When rolling, a rolled plate should be placed downward to avoid water corrosion at the bottom. Always pay attention to whether the head is intact during storage;

3. Try to prevent exposed storage of high-temperature wires in the open air;

4. The storage room for storing high-temperature wires shall be free of harmful gases that damage insulation and corrode metal;

5. The storage period of high-temperature line is limited to the delivery period of the product. Generally, it should not exceed one and a half years, up to two years. See the product instructions for details.

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