Yangzhou Fongming Cable:Fongming Cable organizes fire drill

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In order to actively respond to the call of the Xia Ji government, the company has established an effective working mechanism for preventing and handling fire accidents. Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory plans to organize employees to conduct fire fighting field drills at 3 pm on September 11, 2021. The main purpose is to enhance the ability of employees to escape and self-rescue when encountering fire risks, and to ensure the safety of employees' lives and property.

The fire drill officially started at 3 pm on September 11, 2021. In the first process, the general manager of the company, Mr. Yang Fongming, made a mobilization speech. In the second process, the chief of the safety production section explained to everyone the use of commonly used portable dry powder fire extinguishers, and then the participants in the drill learned and correctly used the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. In the third process, the manager of the manufacturing department demonstrated the use of fire hydrant hoses to extinguish fires. Members of each group are required to have a clear division of labor and cooperate with each other in one go. The department representatives have all experienced it firsthand. Fire drills were conducted in an intense and orderly manner. The drill achieved the expected results and finally achieved a complete success.

After the drill, the chief of the Safety Production Section gave an explanation of fire safety emergency operations and fire escape skills for all employees participating in the drill. Teach everyone what to do in the event of a fire, how to correctly call the police, put out the fire, evacuate, and how to save themselves and escape. Finally, the general manager made a general comment on the fire drill, fully affirmed the results of the drill, and asked everyone to further enhance their awareness of safety responsibility.

This fire drill has improved employees' safety awareness and further enhanced their awareness of prevention and self-rescue ability. From this, employees understand and master basic operations such as how to identify hazards and how to take necessary emergency measures. Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory will periodically carry out firefighting knowledge training and emergency drills to improve employees’ emergency rescue skills and comprehensive quality of emergency response, effectively reduce accident hazards, reduce accident losses, and ensure the company’s safety, health, and order develop.


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