Yangzhou Fongming Cable: Flame retardant cable vs fire resistant cable

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Generally, fire-resistant cables can replace flame-retardant cables, while flame-retardant cables cannot replace fire-resistant cables.

The two principles are different. The flame-retardant principle of halogen-containing cable depends on the flame-retardant effect of halogen, and the flame-retardant principle of halogen-free cable depends on reducing the temperature of water to extinguish the fire. The fire-resistant cable depends on the fire-resistant and heat-resistant characteristics of mica material in the fire-resistant layer to ensure the normal operation of the cable in case of fire.

The structure and material of the two are different. The basic structure of the flame-retardant cable is: the insulating layer adopts flame-retardant material; The sheath and outer protective layer are made of flame retardant materials; The wrapping and filling shall be made of flame retardant materials.

The fire-resistant cable usually adds a fire-resistant layer between the conductor and the insulating layer, so theoretically, the fire-resistant layer can be added to the structure of the flame-retardant cable to form a flame-retardant and fire-resistant cable, but it is not necessary in practice. Because of the fire resistance layer of fire-resistant cable, multi-layer mica tape is usually used to wrap directly on the conductor It can withstand long-term combustion, and can ensure the normal operation of the line even if the polymer at the place where the flame is applied is burned.

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