Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory authorized for UL certification for ETFE line

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Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory, established in 1997, is a professional manufacturer of high performance wires and cables.

Our main products are: 70-150°C PVC XLPE irradiated cross-linked wire; 150-200°C silicone wire, silicone cable, 150-250°C Teflon wire, Teflon cable; 350°C fiberglass wrapped wire; 450- 550℃ mica fiberglass braided high temperature wire and cable; 650-1000℃ ultra-high temperature wire; various sensor wires, thermocouple wires; new energy vehicle cables.

In February 2022, our factory added a series of UL products: ETFE insulated wires. At present, there are 19 UL certification numbers for ETFE lines of Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory, which are: UL1508, UL1513, UL1517, UL1523, UL1610, UL1643, UL1644, UL1671, UL1814, UL10086, UL10109, UL10125, UL10126, UL10412, UL10129 UL1880, UL11341, UL21877 and UL20326.

The UL certification of ETFE insulated wire has helped our factory to expand the product line again, and can provide customers with high-quality products in a wider range in the future. The temperature resistance grades of ETFE insulated wires that our factory can produce are 150℃ and 200℃, which can meet the application needs of many fields.

Currently, the upper limit of temperature that UL can certify is 550°C, and there are only 8 manufacturers of high temperature resistant wires that can meet this temperature value quality, among whom, Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory is the only one in China. The mica high temperature wires produced by Fongming Cable can meet the flame retardant grade requirements of VW-1 and FT-1.

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