Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory:Urgent! New Zealand announced the "closure", and US stocks suddenly dived in the late trading! Another big event? The vaccine giant revealed the secret and made 40 bill

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The minutes of the July 27-28 meeting released by the Federal Reserve on Wednesday show that at any of the remaining three policy meetings of the Federal Reserve this year, the consensus gradually formed is to start reducing the scale of the Federal Reserve's monthly purchase of $120 billion of treasury bonds and mortgage securities. The tightening expectations released by the Federal Reserve led to the collective decline of the three major indexes of US stocks overnight, with the Dow and the S & P 500 falling by more than 1%.


In terms of the epidemic situation, New Zealand was diagnosed in the community after half a year, and the prime minister announced the "closure of the country". According to foreign media reports, the New Zealand government said 18, following the new crown of a hospital employee in the largest city of Oakland, another 4 people were diagnosed, 5 of them were infected with COVID-19, which is the first case of community infection in New Zealand in the past six months. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Aden announced the blockade of the country and entered the highest level of epidemic prevention and control - level IV response mode from midnight local time on August 17. The Auckland and Coromandel regions where the confirmed cases live and have visited will be reassessed in 7 days, and other regions in the country will be reassessed in 3 days.


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