Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory:At request, State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of state brinken, focusing on the situation in Afghanistan and C

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Blankin thanked China for participating in the Doha meeting on Afghanistan and said that the current situation in Afghanistan is entering a key stage. The Taliban should show that they should cut off the mess with extremism, choose an orderly transfer of power and establish an inclusive government, and wait for China to play an important role in this regard. The United States recognizes that Afghanistan should be decided by the Afghan people in the future, and calls on the Taliban to ensure the safety of all Greek and Afghan personnel at present.


Wang Yi explained China's position on the situation in Afghanistan and said that facts have once again proved that it is difficult to mechanically apply foreign forms to countries with different histories, cultures and national conditions. A regime cannot stand without the support of the people. Dealing with problems with power and military means will only make problems more and more. The experience in this regard deserves serious reflection.



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