Yangzhou Fongming Cable: FEP wire VS silicone wire

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Fluoroplastic wire, commonly known as fluoroplastic wire, refers to a wire made of fluoroplastic insulating layer and has special high temperature resistance. Let's take a look at the difference between fluoroplastic wire and silicone wire? What are the tips for buying fluoroplastic lines?

1. The difference between fluoroplastic wire and silicone wire

1. From the appearance point of view, the surface of the silicone wire is foggy, the color is not too bright, the surface is a little gray, and it will stick to your hands when you touch it; the surface of the fluoroplastic wire is glossy, and it will be smooth when you touch it by hand.

2. From the perspective of the outer diameter, the outer diameter of the silicone wire of the same specification is 0.75 mm, the silicone wire is thicker, and the fluoroplastic wire is slightly thinner. Compared to silicone wire, fluoroplastic wire has better electrical properties and the same voltage, so it is thinner.

3. In terms of hardness, the silicone wire is like a rubber wire, which is very elastic. When you bend it by hand, it will rebound, while the fluoroplastic wire is harder, and it will deform when you bend it by hand.

4. When you dig the surface of the fluoroplastic wire by hand, there will generally be a trace, and it is difficult to dig the surface, so the tensile strength is stronger than that of the silicone wire, and the silicone wire will break the skin if you dig lightly, although their extension effect All good, but the tensile strength of the silicone wire is poor.

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