Yangzhou Fongming Cable: Do you know what kind of braided cable structure there are?

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In order to ensure application safty, the cables usually have a sheath during production. The main purpose is to protect the insulating layer. Different sheath materials have different characteristics such as heat resistance, moisture resistance, and corrosion resistance. As for the sheath, the braid is one of the most commonly used sheaths or outer sheaths. The function of the braid is also very different depending on the material and the difference in the structure and position of the braid.

1. Fiber braid

The fiber braided layer is relatively light, which can protect the insulating layer from light, heat, humidity, low temperature, acid-base gas, etc., as well as external mechanical damage. Fiberglass is easy to color, and has a bright and bright appearance, and its natural color is natural white. Aramid is difficult to make bright white, only bright colors, and its outstanding features are wear resistance and shear resistance, and its strength is several times greater than that of glass fiber, so it has become the material of choice for many cable outer sheaths.

2. Metal braid

The metal used in the metal braid is mainly copper wire and steel wire. The steel wire braid mainly plays the role of mechanical protection, and is usually used in some heavy machinery and detection fields with relatively high requirements. Copper wire braiding can prevent electromagnetic interference, and play the role of safety protection and shielding to eliminate the surface potential of the cable and eliminate induced electricity.

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