Yangzhou Fongming Cable: Do you know the type of shielded cable?

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Shielded cables are divided into single-shielded and double-shielded cables.

Double-shielded cable refers to a cable with two layers of shielding layers, and there must be insulation isolation between the two layers of shielding layers. Of course there are also double overall shielded cables, but less in practical applications.

If the two shielding layers are not insulated from each other, they can only be regarded as one shielding layer, which means that not all cables with two shielding layers are double shielded cables.

In addition, the shielding layer should have a good grounding, because if it is not grounded, there will be a large parasitic distributed capacitance on the shielding layer, which will cause parasitic coupling interference.

Shielded cables are divided into single-layer shielding and double-layer shielding.

The double layer is better than the single layer, and the armored twisted pair shielded cable has better performance than the twisted pair shielded cable.

Cables with different shielding layers have different grounding requirements.

According to "GB50217-2007 Cable Design Specification", "GB50057-94 Building Lightning Protection Design Specification" and other relevant regulations: the single-layer shield should be grounded at one end; the inner layer of the double-layer isolation shield should be grounded at one end, and the outer layer should be grounded at one end. Both ends should be grounded.

For example, the armored twisted pair shielded cable is a kind of double shielded cable. Its inner shield is braided shielding mesh + aluminum foil, and the outer shield is a steel tape armor layer. There is also a layer of insulation between the inner shield and the outer shield. Floor. When in use, both ends of the steel tape armor layer are grounded, and one end of the innermost shield is grounded. It can be used in places with severe interference, frequent rodent damage and explosion-proof requirements.

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