Yangzhou Fongming Cable: Application of new material ETFE (F40) in cables

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ETFE (F40) is another variety developed after PTFE (F4), PVDF (F2) and FEP (F46) fluoroplastics.

Compared with PTFE and FEP, it maintains its excellent electrical properties, chemical resistance and aging resistance except for its slightly lower heat-resistant temperature. Since the introduction of ethylene greatly improves the radiation resistance, the improvement of its mechanical properties is more prominent, such as toughness, hardness, cold flow and creep are better than PTFE and FEP. These excellent properties, combined with the easy processing characteristics, make the copolymer develop rapidly as a member of high-performance engineering plastics. Especially in the chemical medium conditions such as strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidant, etc., the application as engineering plastics is more prominent.

Application of ETFE in wire and cable

Among fluororesins, due to high mechanical strength, low relative density (lighter after foaming), and radiation resistance, the application of ETFE as an insulated wire and cable in aerospace is an important field of its application. ETFE can be made into wires and cables of various thicknesses, which are used in all walks of life, especially in harsh conditions such as high-temperature chemical media. For example, modern aircraft or spacecraft need to use a large number of wires and cables. A modern jet Type aircraft use 50--60km long aviation wires of various specifications. Because ETFE is light in specific gravity and high in strength, it can be made into thin wires, and has the chemical resistance of PTFE, so it was selected as the fifth-generation aviation wire. In addition to its excellent radiation resistance, it is also widely used in nuclear power plants. Can be made into a cable used in a computer. In computer cables, the wires are very thin, and ordinary plastics must have a certain thickness to maintain the strength. Although the sheath made of ETFE has only a thin layer, it is enough to resist a certain tensile force.

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