Yangzhou Fongming Cable:Advantages of TPEE materials in cable applications

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Why choose TPEE as cable raw material

Which material is used as the cable insulation material is determined by the use environment and demand of the cable, as well as the price and cost. For example, if a linear motor drag chain cable with a very high service life is made of PVC, the service life will not meet the requirements, and the cost of using Teflon for insulation will increase a lot. Another example is a servo motor cable that requires a high temperature resistance of 120 degrees or more. Obviously, PVC insulated cables cannot meet the requirements, so you can only choose TPEE or Teflon materials. ,

The cost of TPEE is higher than that of PVC, but lower than Teflon. In terms of high and low temperature resistance, TPEE is also better than PVC, but inferior to Teflon. Therefore, TPEE is widely used in cable insulation material manufacturers! To

Typical application of TPEE in the field of wire and cable

The extrusion grade of TPEE is suitable for insulating materials in direct contact with copper. It has excellent heat resistance, flexibility, creep resistance and good dielectric strength. It is widely used in hose sheaths, wires, cable sheaths, truck cables, robotic arm cables, data transmission lines, audio and video cables, and thin Wall insulated electronic wires, locomotive wires, subways, ships and other cable fields that require higher safety requirements

Mainly used for: spiral cable, cable sheath, optical fiber system

Spiral cables Advantages: heat resistance, creep resistance, low temperature flexibility, sufficient thermal stability for the stable working temperature of copper, non-stick insulation, low creep performance required to maintain the spiral shape, and thermal aging Excellent mechanical properties (tensile strength, elongation at break, etc.), low temperature flexibility and copper stability, can simplify the production process. To

Cable sheath Advantages: Excellent heat resistance and low temperature flexibility, can withstand harsh underground environments, protect cables from lead and radiation, excellent impact resistance and flexural flexibility, can meet UV resistance requirements, and have excellent water resistance Easy to dye, high yield, flame retardant grade reaches UL-94V0

Optical fiber system Advantages: high flexibility and tear resistance, chemical resistance, flame retardant, easy to dye, can seal dust and liquids for a long time, and has excellent tear strength to make the fiber rotate at a certain angle without breaking. Can provide flame-retardant products with good processing performance and high yield

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