Virus mutation! Emergency in the UK, China also sounded the alarm on the mica wire

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What are you afraid of! There is an emergency in the UK, and China has sounded the alarm... Since the outbreak of the new crown virus, the contagiousness and harmfulness of the virus have been the focus of public attention. Due to the huge scope of the virus, this has made health experts very worried about whether the vaccine will happen. Mutation, once it mutates, it means that the research work of the virus in various countries is likely to be completely overwhelmed, including the effect of the new crown vaccine may also be affected. According to a Russian media report on December 21, the mutation of the new crown virus has appeared in the UK. About 1,000 people have been recruited, and the infectivity of the mutated new crown virus has increased by 70%. This has made the British people panic. Johnson has ordered Complete blockade of the capital London and eastern Scotland.

In fact, the mutation of the new crown virus is also expected. The new crown virus appeared in our lives in early 2020. Although countries have tried their best to fight the epidemic for a year, the results were not satisfactory. Especially the situation in Europe and America is more serious! As early as a few weeks ago, the United States was the hardest-hit area with over 10 million confirmed diagnoses. The situation in the United Kingdom cannot be objective. The rising number of confirmed cases has made the British economy difficult to move forward. Even if Johnson is determined to fight the epidemic, the situation seems to be out of control.

Some netizens bluntly said that the British anti-epidemic work was late for nearly a year. At the beginning of the outbreak of the new crown virus, the situation in the United Kingdom was not very severe. The country's medical conditions are relatively superior, and the population is not very dense. However, Johnson followed the United States in implementing herd immunity and ignored the deteriorating domestic situation. This led to Britain becoming a hotbed of new coronaviruses. Now that the British virus has mutated, Johnson must bear absolute responsibility!
It is worth mentioning that due to the mutation of the new coronavirus, the outside world has doubted whether the vaccine will be affected to a certain extent. Health experts have come forward to explain this situation. The degree of mutation of the British virus is still within the normal range, although the contagion is somewhat However, the clinical symptoms caused by the virus have not changed much. Test data show that the new crown vaccine is still effective against the virus. Of course, we still cannot take it lightly. After all, virus mutation is a dynamic process, and it is likely to happen unexpectedly. Outside changes.

As far as China is concerned, although the spread of the new coronavirus in the country has been under control at this time, there are lessons from the United Kingdom. We must also pay close attention to all changes in the virus to prevent similar situations. It is reported that the British mutated virus is very likely It has spread abroad, which has caused other countries to warn other countries. Once the mutated virus brings negative effects to other countries, the result will be devastating. There is no doubt about this!