High-temperature resistant wire: The influence and development of silicone rubber on the wire and cable industry

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Silicone rubber is odorless and non-toxic, not afraid of high temperatures and resistant to severe cold. It is "comfortable" and "unchanging color" at 300 degrees Celsius and minus 90 degrees Celsius, and still has good strength and flexibility. Silicone rubber also has good electrical insulation, oxygen resistance and aging resistance, light resistance and aging resistance, mildew resistance, chemical stability and so on. In recent years, the rapid development of silicone rubber has made silicone rubber widely used in the wire and cable industry.

Application of silicone in the cable industry

Silica gel is mainly used for the outer wrapping and filling of cables. Silicone cables are widely used in rail transit, automobiles, medical treatment, nuclear power, construction, household appliances, electric heating, heavy industry and other fields. With the vigorous development of rail transit and new energy automobile industries, silicone cables have been widely used. The main applications are as follows:

1 High-voltage cable accessories;

2 Thermocouple temperature measurement cable;

3 Ceramic fire-resistant cable;

4 New energy vehicle cables;

5 Lead wires and lamp cap wires for electric heating appliances;

6 Wire and cable with temperature resistance of 150℃ and 200℃;

7 Export cables produced according to foreign standards;

8 Power cables, signal control cables, and computer cables used in high temperature environments.

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