High-temperature resistant wire: Talk about the common sense problems of high temperature wires and cables from several aspects

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High-temperature wires and cables are ubiquitous in our lives and are widely used. They bring a lot of convenience to our lives, and high-temperature wires and cables have many advantages compared to ordinary cables.

1. What should be paid attention to during the transportation, loading and unloading of high temperature wires and cables? ,

In the process of transportation, loading and unloading, the cables and cable reels should not be damaged. It is strictly forbidden to push the cable reels directly from the car. Generally, the cables should not be transported and stored flat. Before transporting or moving the cable reel, ensure that the cable reel is firm, the cable is wound tightly, the oil pipe between the oil-filled cable and the pressure oil tank should be fixed without damage, the force oil tank should be firm, and the pressure indication should meet the requirements. ,

2. What are the fire protection measures for high temperature wires and cables? ,

Use flame-retardant cables. Use fireproof cable tray. Use fire-retardant paint. Fire partition walls and fire baffles are set at cable tunnels, mezzanine exits, etc. ,

Drain cables should avoid oil pipelines and explosion-proof doors, otherwise local pipes or heat insulation and fire prevention measures should be taken. ,

3. Which aspects should be considered when choosing the cross section of high temperature wire and cable? ,

The following aspects should be considered: the working current that the cable is allowed to pass through for a long time. The voltage drop on the line cannot exceed the permitted working range.

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