High-temperature resistant wire: High temperature resistant wire: the basic principle of cable "fire prevention"

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As an important part of the wire and cable, the fireproof tape plays a decisive role in the fireproof performance of the wire and cable. So how does the fireproof tape "fire"?

Fire-resistant tapes are divided into two categories: fire-resistant tapes and flame-retardant tapes. In addition to being flame-retardant, the fire-resistant tape also has fire resistance. It can maintain the insulation of the cable under direct flame combustion. The fire-resistant insulation layer used to make fire-resistant wires and cables includes mica tape and ceramicized fire-resistant composite tape; flame-retardant package The tape has the property of preventing the spread of flame, but may be burnt out in the flame or has no insulation. It is used as a cable wrapping layer to play a flame-retardant role, such as glass ribbons, flame-retardant glass ribbons, asbestos tapes, etc.

1. Refractory mica tape is made by bonding electrician alkali-free glass cloth on one or both sides of muscovite paper, phlogopite paper or synthetic mica paper with a silicone adhesive to increase the strength, and after baking and slitting. Among the materials that make up the mica tape, the mica paper that really plays the role of electrical insulation and fire resistance is the mica paper, which is made from mica powder by the water expansion process. Natural mica is an aluminum-silicate mineral. Phlogopite and muscovite are mainly used in the electrical industry. Both of these two kinds of mica have good electrical properties. However, muscovite has good electrical insulation properties at room temperature, but it is not as good as phlogopite at high temperature.

2. The ceramicized refractory composite belt is made of glass fiber cloth and ceramicized silicon rubber through calendering and vulcanization. It hardens above 350℃ and can withstand the highest temperature up to 3000℃. Because the composite tape contains a certain amount of organic silicon, it will burn when heated. After burning for 1 to 2 minutes, it will begin to sinter into a ceramic-like shell insulation layer. This hard insulation layer will produce a covering effect to isolate the internal material from the air. Achieve flame-retardant and fire-resistant effects. And after being burned for 2 to 3 minutes, the smoke was completely cut off. In the process of blocking the flame, it no longer produces smoke itself, and the organic silicon is halogen-free and non-toxic, and the smoke it produces is also non-toxic and halogen-free.

3. The glass fiber is made of glass melted and drawn, which has excellent properties such as non-combustibility, heat resistance, electrical insulation, high tensile strength, and good chemical stability. Two kinds of glass fibers, alkali-free and medium-alkali, are mainly used in the production of wires and cables.


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