High-temperature resistant wire: Five methods to identify the quality of wires and cables

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1. Check whether the certificate of conformity, trademark, etc. on the appearance packaging are standard. It depends on whether there is 3C certification and quality system certification; whether the brand name, address, inspection stamp, and production date are printed on the trademark; whether the trademark, specification, voltage, etc. are printed on the wire and cable.

2. Look at the color and appearance. According to reports, the copper core yellow is reddish, indicating that the copper material used is of better quality, while the whiteness in the yellow is a reaction of low-quality copper. For aluminum core wires, the regular ones must be shiny and flash silver-white under the light, while those that are dark and dark-looking are not of good quality. Look at whether the surface of the wire and cable is smooth, and look at the cross-section of the copper core of the wire and cable. The high-quality copper is bright in color and soft in color, otherwise the quality of the wire and cable is unqualified.

3. Look at the length and core thickness. It is stipulated in the relevant standards that the error of the wire length cannot exceed 5%, and the cross-section wire diameter cannot exceed 0.02%, but there are a large number of fraudulent cross-sections in the market.

4. Look at the feel. It is better to bend a wire head repeatedly by hand, and the quality of the wire and cable is good if it has a soft hand, good fatigue resistance, a large plastic or rubber hand and no cracks on the wire insulator.

5. Check whether the core is in the middle of the insulating layer. What is not in the center is the eccentricity caused by the low craftsmanship. If the power is small, it can still be safe during use. Once the power consumption is large, the thinner side is likely to be broken down by the current.

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