High-temperature resistant wire: Basic knowledge of wire

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In fact, there is no strict boundary between "wire" and "cable". Products with a small number of cores, small product diameter, and simple structure are usually called wires, those without insulation are called bare wires, and the others are called cables with larger conductor cross-sectional area. Larger cables (greater than 6 square millimeters) are called large cables, smaller cables (less than or equal to 6 square millimeters) are called small cables, and insulated cables are also called cloth wires.

Wire composition:

Conductors generally include: copper wire, aluminum wire, copper clad steel, iron wire, copper foil wire (Tinsel), etc.;

Insulation generally includes: PVC, PE, PP, TEFLON, TPU, TPE, FPE, etc.;

The sheath generally includes: PVC, PU,PA, neoprene, mica tape, ceramics, etc.;

Protective layer: armor (steel pipe), ceramics, polyester fiber, woven mesh, etc.

Copper wires generally include: stranded wire (Strand), single stranded wire (Solid), tinned wire, aluminum wire, enameled wire, stranded before plating, copper foil wire (Tinsel);

Multi-strand wire: the most commonly used, most wires use multi-strand wire, mainly due to the following reasons:

Easy to extrude and process, make the wire soft;

Increase the heat dissipation area;

Increase the tensile strength and increase the bending strength;

Reduce loss;

Common copper wire code meaning:

Bare copper wire BA.AS or CU;

Tinned wire TAS, TCU or TS;

Twist first and then plate wire TC-T;

Copper foil wire (TSL);

Copper-clad steel CCS, tinned copper-clad steel CP;

Copper-clad aluminum CCA, copper-clad aluminum-magnesium CCAM, etc.;

Silver-plated copper wire SC;

Silver-plated copper clad steel SCCS;

Insulation sheath and outer quilt

Insulation and outer quilt mainly play a protective role. Plasticizers, flame retardants, antioxidants, coupling agents, anti-aging agents, and anti-ultraviolet agents are added to PVC to make the outer quilt bear different effects.

The insulation thickness is different, the voltage resistance level is different: (1mil=1/1000inch=0.0254mm)

Thickness is less than 15mil, used below 150V such as UL1571

Thickness is less than 30mil, used for below 300V such as UL1007

Thickness is less than 45mil, used below 600V such as UL1015

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