High-temperature resistant mica wire: Yangzhou was newly diagnosed as 0, and Fongming did not slacken his anti epidemic efforts

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So far, at 0-24:00 on the 22nd, the confirmed cases in Jiangsu were also "zero new".

The number of newly confirmed cases decreased from single digits to zero. 

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in Yangzhou, Wang Jinsong, deputy director of the health and Health Committee of Yangzhou, 23, at 22 o'clock 0-24.

Yangzhou, which is in the hardest hit area of the epidemic storm, finally saw the dawn of the end of the war "epidemic", which is the preliminary effect of strict prevention and adherence by all Yangzhou people. All this is too difficult. We must keep it until the clouds open and the moon shines. 

Zero growth is not equal to zero risk. Yangzhou Fongming cable factory pursues a consistent and rigorous style and adheres to the anti epidemic policy! 

In view of the epidemic situation, our company has established an epidemic prevention team to carry out personnel control, environmental disinfection, epidemic publicity, material preparation and other work, so as to ensure that all epidemic prevention measures of the company are in place.


In the face of the protracted war of the epidemic, the leaders of our Xiaji town Party committee fought hard in the front line of the epidemic. Many of them have not been home for more than 20 days, and they eat and live in the office. Secretary Lu of the Party committee of Xiaji town is helping enterprises ease the problem of logistics and purchase at 11:00 or 12:00 in the middle of the night. They work hard, spare no pains, regardless of gains and losses. They are really good leaders of our people! 

Deeply aware of the government's concern, we private enterprises have joined hands in anti epidemic donation after expressing condolences to various anti epidemic checkpoints. We just hope to do our little to support the government's anti epidemic work. 

We are grateful and strive to achieve the correct combination of production and operation and epidemic prevention and control! Thank all employees for their persistent work despite all difficulties, customers' tolerance and understanding, and the government's concern and help! Yangzhou Fongming cable factory will adhere to the road of high-quality development of manufacturing industry, carry forward the past and forge ahead under the guidance of the Communist Party of China!