High-temperature resistant mica wire:Worried! The Zhengzhou flood has caused 12 deaths and about 100,000 people have been transferred

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On the 1st, the reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee that Zhengzhou has recently experienced a process of rare and continuous heavy rainfall. Up to now, the flood disaster has caused 12 deaths in the urban area of Zhengzhou, and about 100,000 people have been transferred to avoid danger.

It is understood that from 18:00 on July 18th to 0:00 on the 21st, Zhengzhou City saw heavy rainstorms and extreme heavy rains, with a cumulative average of 449 mm of precipitation. The cumulative precipitation of 73 stations (about 38%) exceeded 500 mm, the largest new density. Baizhai 875 mm, Zhengzhou, Dengfeng, Xinmi, Xingyang, Gongyi five stations in Zhengzhou City, the daily precipitation exceeded the extreme value since the climate record, the 201.9 mm rainfall at the Zhengzhou station at 16:00 on the 20th, surpassing the land of my country Extreme hourly rainfall.


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