High-temperature resistant mica wire:The first gold in the Tokyo Olympics was born. After "00", Yang Qian won the women's 10m air rifle gold medal

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According to media reports, on July 24, the final of the Tokyo Olympic shooting women's 10m air rifle was robbed at the sunset shooting range. The Chinese post-00 players fired Yang Qian's last shot to withstand the pressure, and finally set an Olympic record with a 251.8 ring, and shot down the first gold medal for the Chinese delegation in the Tokyo Olympics.

Yang Qian, a teenager from Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, ranked fifth in the first group competition, but she was not discouraged and calmly challenged. She ranked first in the second group competition and third in the third group competition, and was overtaken by Russian players .

In the last set of medal sprint competition, Yang Qian turned against the wind and faced calmly. He won the gold medal for the Chinese team, the Russian player won the silver medal, and the Swiss player won the bronze medal.

In Yang Qian's hometown, neighbors in the community spontaneously set off firecrackers to celebrate. Yang Qian's mother was so impulsive that she couldn't speak, but the corners of her happy mouth rose up. Yang Qian’s cousin said that her cousin usually exercises very hard and only goes home once a year. The whole family felt happy for Yang Qian, and they waited for Yang Qian's return to express their congratulations.


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