High-temperature resistant mica wire: State network information office: no matter where the enterprise is listed, it must determine the national network security

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On the issue of the impact of the regulations on foreign trade and overseas listing, Sheng ronghua, deputy director of the state Internet Information Office, stressed that adhering to the opening-up policy is a fundamental national policy of our country. The regulations are not issued for foreign trade and overseas listing. The regulations are to ensure the safety of key information basic equipment and maintain network safety.


"For a long time, we have actively supported nethat enterprises to carry out financing in accordance with laws and regulations." Sheng ronghua said that no matter what kind of enterprise, no matter where it is listed, two must be consistent: first, it must be consistent with national laws and regulations. Second, it is necessary to ensure the national network security, the security of key information basic equipment and the security of personal information maintenance. "If you agree with these two articles, you will not be affected, and if you do not agree with these two articles, you will be affected."


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