High-temperature resistant mica wire:Special report: China bids farewell to Bitcoin "mining"

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With the closure of more than 20 Bitcoin mines in Sichuan, China's Bitcoin "mining", which once carried 60% of the world's computing power, came to an end.

The day before, on June 18, the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Sichuan Provincial Energy Bureau issued a document to close the virtual currency "mining" project. The document pleads that the power companies of each city and state shall complete the screening, liquidation, and shutdown of 26 suspected Bitcoin mining projects before June 20.

Bitcoin is a kind of virtual currency issued according to the corresponding computing power after the computer calculations are jointly decoded by the global network. The process of obtaining Bitcoins by the computing power of the computer is commonly called "mining", and the center of the collection of mining machines is therefore called " Mine". The center of Bitcoin mining is computing power. Mining machines stop hash collisions 24 hours a day, grabbing the right to keep accounts on the blockchain. Whoever keeps the accounts will be responsible for the generated bitcoins.


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