Fongming cable:What Are M27500 Cables?

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M27500 cables cover a range of specialized cables primarily intended for demanding aerospace and military applications. M27500 high-performance cables use a 16-character part number that identifies the type of cable including the number of conductors, conductor type, insulation, jacket and shielding. Rather than specifying a range of cables with similar materials, the military M27500 specification uses a wide selection of high-quality materials to meet the arduous requirements of this wire specification. M27500 cables have a maximum voltage rating of 600 volts and, depending on the specification, have maximum working temperatures between 150 Celsius and 260 C.

M27500 cables have a wide range of material combinations, including:

Conductor Materials

M27500 cables use a selection of nickel-, silver- and tin-plated stranded copper wires. Most types have 19 strands for maximum strength and rigidity.

Number of Conductors

Although the NEMA W27500 cable specification allows for up to 15 conductors, the most common arrangements are for one to five conductors.


Most M27500 wires use an extruded fluoropolymer insulation that offers good high-temperature performance and resists abrasion, chemicals, acids, alkalis, ozone and oxidation. These include Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Fluoroethylene propylene (FEP)


M27500 cables may have single or double shields for electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression. Shield ratios are 85% and 90%. Shield materials include tinned-, nickel- and silver-coated copper wire braids.


Wires may have a single or double jacket. Common jacket materials include fluoropolymers and glass or polyamide tape.

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