Fongming cable:A Good Start丨Seek truth and be pragmatic, start a new chapter

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At 8:18 a.m. on January 30 (the ninth day of the first month of the lunar calendar), firecrackers were shoot off together with joy. Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory ushered in a grand opening ceremony for the new year, and jointly started a new journey for the new year.

At 8:30 in the morning, all members of Fongming Cable participated in the 2023 mobilization meeting.

Our president Mr. Yang announced: 2022 is wonderful! 2023 will be even better!

We all hope that in 2023, all employees can devote themselves to their work with fuller enthusiasm and more solid style of work, so as to make a good start and start for the completion of various tasks in 2023!

Afterwards, Mr. Yang distributed red envelopes for the start of work to all the employees, which symbolizes a good fortune in the new year. He wished everyone a full of energy and a great success in the year of "rabbit"!

In the new year, all employees of Fongming Cable will continue to achieve their goals with hard work and full energy!

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