Fongming Cable 丨types of High Temp Lead Wire

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High Temperature Lead Wire is frequently used in scenarios where the application demands lead wire that can withstand between 150°C and 450°C. Fongming Cable offers a vast range of lead wire products suitable for a number of common, high intensity uses.

High Temperature Lead Wire and Cable is generally used in motors, furnaces, ovens, and high intensity lights. Conductors in high temperature cable can be either nickel coated copper, tinned copper, or pure nickel, while the insulation can range from rubber, PTFE tapes, and mica tapes to fiberglass and ceramic braids. The cable jacket often consists of a high temperature fiberglass.

Fongming Cable is guaranteed to have the appropriate lead wire to meet your installation specifications. Our inventory consists of TGGT for commercial or industrial heating equipment, type MG for use on high temperature applications up to 450°C, and Silicone Rubber Motor Lead Wire for internal wiring of appliances for less intensive applications of 150-200°C

Fongming Cable can help you find the correct cable. We are a factory with various international certifications. If you have other questions, please contact us or ask for quotation online.