Fongming Cable 丨thermocouple wire

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Thermocouple wire and cable is a flexible insulated wire that senses the temperature of an object and provides that information to temperature control equipment or temperature measurement or monitoring equipment. They can also be used to create sensing points (or probes) in thermocouples. They are commonly used to maintain or monitor the temperature of components in industrial processes where high heat is present, such as kilns, gas turbine exhaust, or diesel engines. They are also used in safety equipment such as flame sensors in gas appliances.

Thermocouple wire is available in a variety of armor and jacket options, making it ideal for industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, power generation, wastewater treatment, food processing, and transportation. Use Fongming cable thermocouple wire and extension grade cables to connect your device to sensing or control devices.

Fongming Cable can help you find the correct cable. We are a factory with various international certifications. If you have other questions, please contact us or ask for quotation online.