Fongming Cable 丨What is thermocouple wire

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Thermocouples are precision devices used to measure temperature in a variety of applications, from kilns to refrigerators to diesel engines. The critical nature of these devices means that high-quality wiring is required within them. For a thermocouple to work properly, one metal must be positively charged and the other negatively charged. An example is an extension cord

Because thermocouples are often placed in conditions unsuitable for humans, such as extreme cold or heat, temperature readers are often placed far from the measuring junction. To ensure accurate readings, these systems use extension cords. These wires are insulated and protected so the voltage is not affected by other environmental factors. Wires are never calibrated above 204°C to ensure stability.

Positively charged copper on one wire and negatively charged nickel on the other.

Thermocouple wiring differs from wire in that:

1. Thermocouple wire is wire that uses a combination of various alloys, and the conductor in the wire is usually copper.

2. Thermocouple wire material is related to EMF generation related to temperature and measurement accuracy (error limit), while wire is related to current capacity.

3. Thermocouple wire is used to measure temperature. Wire can be used to carry

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