Fongming Cable 丨What is fiberglass cable used for?

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Fiberglass is a material known for its high-temperature resistance, mechanical strength, and durability. Fiberglass wire is commonly used in high-temperature applications where other types of insulation, such as PVC or silicone, may fail.

Fibreglass batt insulation contains thousands of tiny air pockets inside its structure. These pockets trap the air and disrupt the flow of heat, making the insulation a poor conductor of thermal energy.

Fiberglass Lead Insulation Wire has excellent thermal stability and high voltage properties combined with small size due to low wall thickness, superb thermal resistance and low production costs makes it the bestinsulation option in applications where high thermal insulation is required at mains voltages. FPC Fibre glass cables are closely braided from ‘E’ grade low alkali type fibreglass yarn, impregnated with synthethic varnishes as per temperature & insulation class requirement.

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