Fongming Cable 丨What is a high temperature wire?

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High-temperature wire, also known as "high-temperature wire," is generally defined as wire capable of withstanding temperatures of 125 degrees Celsius or higher. This also means they can handle not only the heat, but also the cold. High-temperature wires are also rated to withstand temperatures as low as 90 degrees Celsius. From conductor to insulator, high temperature wire construction is rated for temperatures of 125, 150, 200, 450 and 550 degrees Celsius. Its varieties include non-braided silicone wire, braided silicone wire, mgt and tggt wire.

According to the degree of temperature resistance from low to high, it can be divided into: Teflon thread, yarn wrapping, mica thread, etc.

These wiring types typically consist of a conductor (tinned copper, plated copper, nickel plated copper, or annealed copper) and an insulator. They may also have an additional sheath made of fiberglass or k-fiber material.

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