Fongming Cable 丨What is Tefzel Wire and Cable?

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Tefzel fluoro-plastic resin was introduced in 1972 and is similar to Teflon fluoro-plastic resin. It also goes by the name of ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) or Tefzel ETFE. You can use it for insulating or jacketing purposes.

The Tefzel insulation has good heat resistance and can sustain high voltages. Moreover, It has a high level of radiation and chemical resistance. These qualities make it easy to insulate long wires for aerospace vehicles, computers, rapid transit cars, automotive, heating pipe systems, and nuclear plants.

Further, ETFE comes in a variety of Mil-W-22759 (Military-grade wire) makings and Mil-C-27500 (Mil-Spec multi-conductor cable) configurations.

Fongming Cable can help you find the correct cable. We are a factory with various international certifications. If you have other questions, please contact us or ask for quotation online.