Fongming Cable:Types and characteristics of mica tapes for high temperature cables

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Mica can be divided into: synthetic mica tape, phlogopite tape, muscovite tape.

Normal temperature performance: synthetic mica tape is the best, muscovite tape is second, and phlogopite tape is poor. Insulation performance at high temperature: synthetic mica tape is the best, phlogopite tape is second, and muscovite tape is poor.

High temperature resistance: Synthetic mica tape fluorphlogopite tape, without crystal water, melting point 1375 ℃, large safety margin, best high temperature resistance, phlogopite releases crystal water above 800 ℃, high temperature resistance is second, white cloud Mother 600 ℃ release crystal water, poor high temperature resistance. Fire-resistant mica tape for fire-resistant cable Fire-resistant mica tape for fire-resistant cable is a high-performance mica insulation product with excellent high temperature resistance and combustion resistance. Powder mica tape has good flexibility in normal state, and is suitable for the main fire-resistant insulating layer in various fire-resistant cables. There is basically no volatilization of harmful fumes when burning in an open flame, so this product is not only effective but also safe when used in cables.

1. Synthetic mica refractory mica tape

Synthetic mica is an artificial mica with large size and complete crystal form synthesized by fluoride ion instead of hydroxyl group under normal pressure conditions. Synthetic mica tape is made of mica paper made of synthetic mica as the main material, and then paste the glass cloth on one or both sides with an adhesive. The glass cloth that is pasted on one side of the mica paper is called "single-sided tape", and the one that is pasted on both sides is called "double-sided tape". During the manufacturing process, several structural layers are glued together, then oven-dried, then wound up, and cut into tapes of different specifications. In addition to the characteristics of natural mica tapes: small expansion coefficient, high dielectric strength, high resistivity and uniform dielectric constant, the main feature of synthetic mica tape is high heat resistance level, which can reach A-level fire resistance level (950-1000). °C)

The temperature resistance of synthetic refractory mica tape is more than 1000℃, the thickness range is 0.08~0.15mm, and the maximum supply width is 920mm.

2. Phlogopite refractory mica tape

Phlogopite refractory mica tape has good fire resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corona, anti-radiation characteristics, and has good flexibility and tensile strength, suitable for high-speed winding. The fire resistance test shows that the wire and cable wrapped with phlogopite tape can guarantee no breakdown for 90min hours under the condition of temperature 840℃ and voltage 1000V.

Phlogopite fiberglass refractory tapes are widely used in high-rise buildings, subways, large-scale power stations, and important industrial and mining enterprises where fire safety and life-saving are related, such as power supply lines and control lines for emergency facilities such as fire-fighting equipment and emergency guide lights. . Because of its low price, it is the preferred material for fire-resistant cables.

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