Fongming Cable 丨Thermocouple Wire K Type

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Product Description

A variety of insulation materials are available for single pair thermocouple conductors. Matched pairs with double insulation are color coded per ANSI, BS, IEC, etc. Thermocouples and extension wires are rated for operating temperatures up to 2600°F (1427°C). the

Thermocouple Grades and Extension Grades

Thermocouple grade wire is used in the manufacture of thermocouple probes. Thermocouple grade wire is typically used at the junction and inside the stem boot. This is because thermocouple grade wire has higher accuracy specifications than extension grade wire.

Extension-grade wire is a less expensive, lower-grade wire. It is used to extend from a thermocouple probe to a control system or digital display. Extension grade wires are more economical due to length requirements. Furthermore, it is not in the process itself, does not play a critical role, and does not experience temperature extremes and temperature cycles.

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