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Thermocouple grade wire is the wire used to make the sensing point (or probe section) of a thermocouple. Extension leads are only used to extend the thermocouple signal from the probe back to the instrument that reads the signal. Extension grade wires generally have a lower ambient temperature limit in which the wire can be used. That is, it may pass a signal indicative of a higher temperature received from the probe, but the wire may not actually be exposed to the higher temperature. Thermocouple wire can be used as extension wire, but extension-grade wire should not be used for the sensing point (or probe section) of a thermocouple. Extension cord part numbers usually begin with an "EX" prefix.

Thermocouple cables are commonly used in many industrial applications, from temperature sensors in gas turbines to laboratory and domestic applications. Extension grade thermocouple wire typically has a lower ambient temperature limit than a thermocouple, meaning it can pass a signal representing the higher temperature it receives from the probe, but the wire itself may not be physically exposed to the higher temperature .

Thermocouple extension cables are pairs of conductors, each made of a different material. Type K thermocouple wire where the positive conductor is Chromium (abbreviated as NiCr with green numbered insulation) and the negative is Alumel (NiAl and white insulation).

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