Fongming Cable: The working principle of high temperature heating wire

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The working principle of the heating cable of high temperature wire and cable: the inner core of the heating cable is composed of the cold wire and the hot wire, and the outside is composed of an insulating layer, a grounding layer, a shielding layer and an outer sheath. Running between temperatures, the heating cable buried in the filling layer transmits the heat energy to the heated body by means of thermal conduction (convection) and far-infrared radiation of 8-13um.

The composition and working principle of the heating cable ground radiant heating system: power supply line → transformer → low-voltage power distribution device → household watt-hour meter → thermostat → heating cable → radiate heat to the room through the floor. Use electricity as energy; use heating cable as heating body; heat conduction mechanism of heating cable: heating cable will generate heat after it is energized, and its temperature is 40℃-60℃. Floor or tile, and then heat the air by convection, and the conduction heat accounts for 50% of the heat generated by the heating cable. The second part is that when the heating cable is energized, it will generate the most suitable far-infrared rays of 7-10 microns for the human body, and radiate to the human body and space. This part of the heat also accounts for 50% of the calorific value, and the heating efficiency of the heating cable is nearly 100%. After the heating cable is energized, the heating wire composed of nickel alloy metal inside generates heat and operates at a low temperature of 40-60 °C. The far-infrared radiation is transmitted to the heated body.

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