Fongming Cable:The solar terms of Major Snow

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Today (December 7) at 11:46 will usher in the 21st solar term "Major Snow" among the 24 solar terms in our country. The "Major Snow" marks the official start of midwinter, a solar term characterized by a significant drop in temperature, increased precipitation, and cooler weather.

Before and after the "Major Snow", the minimum temperature in most parts of China is below 0°C, and the average temperature in the north is between minus 5°C and minus 20°C, and rime often occurs.

The auspicious snow heralds a good year, and snowfall is good for agricultural production. Snow covers the farmland in winter, keeping the ground temperature so that you don’t know the snow is heavy at night, and you can hear the sound of folding bamboo. When the "Major Snow" arrives, it has entered the deep winter without realizing it, and people should pay attention to keeping warm. The folk activities of the "Great Snow" solar term include cured meat, snowball fights, enjoying the snow scene, and eating tonic food, etc.

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