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Children's Day, as the name suggests, refers to June 1st, which is a holiday for children. Currently, many countries in the world designate this day as Children's Day. The purpose of establishing Children's Day is to protect children's rights to survival, health care and education around the world, to improve children's lives, and to oppose child abuse and poisoning.

The origin of International Children’s Day

The establishment of International Children's Day is related to a famous massacre that occurred during World War II. On June 10, 1942, after Czech guerrillas assassinated Nazi SS General Heydrich, they were protected by the local villagers of Lidice. The Nazi German army carried out brutal revenge for this, burning all the houses in the village, massacring 173 male villagers over the age of 15, sending the women to concentration camps, and 88 children were gassed in the concentration camps. In order to commemorate the village of Lidice and all the children around the world who died in the fascist war of aggression, the International Democratic Women's Federation held an executive committee in Moscow in November 1949 and designated June 1 every year as International Children's Day.

Children's Day is here. I wish the lovely children to be carefree, grow up happily, have a childlike heart, smile happily, study hard, and strive to become pillars.

I hope that when you become an adult, you will not forget your innocent smile when you are busy, and you will not forget your carefree childhood when you are troubled. May you slow down the pace of life and relieve the pressure in your heart. Life is actually very short, and our childhood is worth remembering forever.

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