Fongming Cable 丨Tefzel wire and standard wire

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Most car wires are very cheap and they get the job done. However, the Tefzel wire has some pretty big advantages that I want to explain.

First of all, you'll notice that if you compare Tefzel wire to some regular car wires, you'll notice that the insulation on the outside of Tefzel is much thinner.

Even though the insulation is much thinner, it actually provides more protection and security to the wires than regular car wiring. I want to show you one of its advantages, which is heat resistance. What we're going to do is heat up the connection between regular car wires and a piece of Tefzel.

You can see that the Tefzel wire basically doesn't change color when you hold a heat gun against it. It won't be damaged at all. It's still the same as before the test. On the other hand, with regular car hookups, you can see the insulation quickly change color and then actually burn.

Tefzel wire is much more heat resistant. It's also more wear-resistant.

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