Fongming Cable 丨Teflon coated wire

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What is Teflon coated wire?

Basically, Teflon coated wires are wires with uniform thickness and insulation tape wrapped around the center conductor, and the wires are insulated by a process of being coated with a tough synthetic material, which protects the wires from water, moisture, Effects of harsh conditions such as heat and rough surfaces.

In these vast conditions, Teflon coated wires will not be damaged easily because the outer layer is highly insulated with Teflon, which provides high durability to the inner wires, thus giving Teflon coated wires Very high flexibility without losing its electrical qualities and offering the expectations of Teflon wire. Teflon coated wire is one of the products manufactured by Fongmingcable Cable and Wire.

What are the advantages of Teflon coated wire?

You can use Teflon wire for reliable insulation. It is commonly used in aerospace applications, oil and aircraft processing, industrial ovens, household appliances, cooking equipment, and more. Teflon thread is the best choice for tasks where temperatures exceed 150°C

PTFE is resistant to lubricants and fuels and is very flexible, in addition to having excellent thermal and electrical properties. Particularly suitable for applications requiring high levels of thermal and chemical resistance. Due to this property, PTFE cables are less prone to melting and have a long service life.

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